Nemea Wine Region: Greek Wine

During the past Christmas holidays me and my husband, Davide, spent 4 days in Greece flying from Naples to Athens. The plan at the beginning was to spend those days in the capital – for me it was the first time there and I was so very excited to explore the city and all the… Continue reading Nemea Wine Region: Greek Wine

Data Plus Women Go to the Vineyards!

Finally I got some time to write a blog post I should have had written probably 1 month ago… Anyway, better late than never, right? On the 16th of August I was a speaker at the Data+Women meetup in London. I helped Emily Chen┬áin the organisation of a Data+Women event turning it into (let’s say)┬áData+Women+Wine!… Continue reading Data Plus Women Go to the Vineyards!

Colline Senesi, Tuscany – August ’17

After being in Langhe (Piedmont) last October (click here to read about my experience there), I could not miss the opportunity to visit Tuscany, another place to go to try some of the best Italian wines… Indeed, quite a different experience, first of all because it was very very warm (38-40 degrees). And I did… Continue reading Colline Senesi, Tuscany – August ’17

Power to the user – Parameters part 5 – Swap views

Welcome to “Power to the user” blog post serie about parameters. This blog post is about using parameters to swap sheets in the view. The previous blog post was about Top N and sorting with parameters, click here to go and read it if interested. Why would you do that? For multiple reasons, actually. For… Continue reading Power to the user – Parameters part 5 – Swap views

What wine do you have in your wine fridge?

During Easter I went back home and my dad asked me to create him an “app” similar to mine about my wine fridge. I asked him to collect some relevant data for him and he wrote me on paper the following information: wine year producer country region number of bottles I turned this into a… Continue reading What wine do you have in your wine fridge?

Connect2Help – Makeover

The first client project I worked on at the Data School last year – it was the 3rd week of work – was for a┬ánon-profit organization, Connect2Help,┬áthat facilitates connections between people who need human services and those who provide them. My colleague Ravi┬áhelped them recently┬áwith a follow up project and then he involved us asking… Continue reading Connect2Help – Makeover