Why this blog?

I have been thinking about having a blog from more than one month, but I couldn’t decide to start it yet, probably because I was writing on the Data School Blog as well… But let’s start with order!

I am Simona and I am Italian, I moved to London on the 3rd of November ’15 with Davide, my boyfriend, to join the Data School of the Information Lab. It is a 2 year programme which includes a 4 months training from the best people in the field about Tableau and Alteryx, data viz best practices, weekly projects, a lot of blog posts and, after the 4 months, 3 different placements of 6 months each to different clients of the Information Lab. What am I doing now? I just finished the 4 months training last week and I am now client based, working as consulting analyst.

Why this blog, then? Well, I suppose I will miss the Data School Blog (we are not supposed to write there anymore) PLUS I feel the need to have something mine, where I can talk about Tableau and Alteryx, what I am learning about them and in general about data viz.

Not only data thoughI will also write about wine! I am studying as a Sommelier (I am member of the Associazione Italiana Sommelier) and I will start the third and last course to become a Sommelier here in London at the end of the month. Pretty excited about that! Also because the exam is so close and I will write some blog posts also to consolidate my knowledges. Writing and teaching are the best way to learn!

After this small introduction, I introduce a blog post I wrote at the end of february, you can read here how I created the viz below which is about the most expensive wines of the world!

wine viz
Click on the image

I hope you enjoyed the reading

Coming soon the next blog post!




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