#FastFriday – 6 Minute Vizzes – 3rd Episode

Welcome back to the third episode of #FastFriday!

I am writing a blog about it a bit in late, I know, but for a very good reason.. I spent my weekend back home, in Torre del Greco! Lovely weekend… So, I did my viz on thursday evening but could not write my blog post.

How was the challenge this week?

Interesting… it was not so easy to understand the fields this time and probably I lost some good stories about it. The data were about vaccines and some diseases from 2008 until 2014. Below my dashboard attempt made in 6 mins.

I am not really happy of the result this time, to be honest, probably I could have done better. Here you can find the video.


Below my remake if I would have had 5 minutes more:


This time I was tempted from the maps and also from trend line – I think I lost too much time trying to fit the data represented in the scatter plot with the right trend line.


I think that maybe this time I did not spend enough time to explore data, probably 20-30 seconds more would have helped! So, as always, I check measure values and names, the number of records, then I start to explore lat and long fields, other measures and some dimensions. I think my mistake is not explore enough the dimensions I get in the data. This will cost me time after.


I decide to use a map, for both number of fatalities and cases and then a scatterplot to spot patterns and relationship between the two of them.

It is here that I lose time, searching for the right trend line (next time I won’t do that). I wanted to use date field but it was so messy and I did not realize there was another field called “year” below which was perfect.

I create a view with location that I wanted to use as filter in the dashboard. Then I change my mind and use the disease category instead.


I start to rename the worksheets with a title that somehow could have been used in the dashboard to explain what those charts were about.

Then, I put the charts in the dashboard canvas and I write a title for my dashboard – sorry for the spelling error, English folk.. 🙂

And here is the visualisation on my tableau public!


I think it will be hard to go down to 4 mins, but maybe we can do it. Curious to see when this will happen…

I am enjoying this experiment a lot. “See” you next #FastFriday!





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