La Vina Ardanza Reserva Special 2001

A new serie of blog posts is coming. This time only about wine, in particular wine tasting. I will describe the wine I tasted during dinners or events according to the UK Italian Sommelier Association descriptive form and I will give it a score according to the analytic form. I will also write the pairing with food, writing about what I had or what I wish I could have had. So, are you ready?

This weekend I was in Copenaghen for my brother graduation with my parents and Davide, my boyfriend. We had a great time and we celebrated in a beautiful restaurant, Ravelinen, in the area of Christianshavn. If you will go in Copenaghen I recommend a stop in this restaurant, amazing atmosphere, great food and nice wine list!



Which wine did I choose for us? So, I decided to explore Spanish wines, because I feel I do not really know much about them. I know from my sommelier studies that Rioja region offers very good wines, so I decided for this:

La Rioja Alta VINA ARDANZA RESERVA ESPECIAL 2001 – DOC, Spain, Rioja

Grapes variety: Tempranillo, Grenache

Price in kr (at the restaurant): 390 kr (i.e. 42 £)




Clarity: Limpid

Color: Garnet red

Consistence: Moderately consistent


Intensity: Moderately intense

Complexity: Complex

Quality: Very good

Description: Extra mature red and black pulp fruit (such as plums, blueberries, blackberries), cherry jam, dried plums, fade red roses, sweet spices such as vanilla, red pepper, etereal final scent. At first impact there is something bitter on the nose such as bitter of the almond but then it becomes really sweet flavours and this effect reminds me the pasta di mandorla. Overall it is pleasant and complex at the nose, I really enjoy it. The more it breathes the more sweet it becomes at the nose.


Sugars: Dry

Polyalcohols: Smooth

Alcohols: Moderately warm

Acids: Moderately fresh

Tannins: Moderately tannic (very soft tannins, rounded by aging)

Minerality: Moderately mineral

Structure or body: Full body 

Balance: Balanced

Intensity: Intense

PAI-Lenght: Long

Quality: Very good

The wine is mature (it cannot improve more) and harmonious. I would give it 86/100 points, I really enjoyed its complexity and flavours, its smoothness and the beautiful garnet colour.

I was really enthusiastic of the pairing as well, I had it with this ribeye beef roasted with new potatoes and peas with bacon and as well I tried it with a deep fried veal steak, it worked perfectly with both the dishes.

I also think with some medium-aged cheeses could work quite well!

Any comments or opinions are more than welcome, I am very happy to read or listen different point of view, I am willing to improve my wine tasting capabilities and this can happen only hearing from you, people!

Hope you enjoyed the reading!




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