Rioja Bordon 2015 DOC – Bodegas Franco Espanolas

As I wrote in the previous blog post I was with my parents and brother in Copenaghen last weekend.

We had lunch at home on Sunday, a really typical Neapolitan summer lunch: pasta cooked in the oven with tomatoes and fried eggplants, eggplant parmigiana – one of my favourite dishes and eggplants fried 2 times – and roasted zucchini – of course, a lot of bread – and strawberries, blueberries and water melon…

So, no meat, but a lot of tomatoes and vegetables. Because of the tomatoe sauce, I opted for a rose’ and since I was in Spain theme last weekend I decided to buy a bottle of

Rioja Bordon 2015 DOC – Bodegas Franco Espanolas

Grapes varieties: Grenache and Viura

Price in kr (bought in the supermarket Fotex): 100 kr (12£)




Clarity: Cristal clear

Color: Soft rose

Consistence: Moderately consistent


Intensity: Moderately intense

Complexity: Moderately complex

Quality: Good

Description: Fruity flavours like cherry, strawberry and plums, citric scents, floreal and some herbaceous scents, white pepper


Sugars: Dry

Polyalcohols: Moderately smooth

Alcohols: Moderately warm

Acids: Fresh

Tannins: Barely tannic (merely imperceptibles)

Minerality: Mineral

Structure or body: Medium body 

Balance: Moderately balanced (more vs hardness)

Intensity: Moderately intense

PAI-Lenght: Moderately long

Quality: Good

This wine was ready to drink and moderately harmonious. I would give it a 77/100 points as score.

I think it was a wonderful choice for the food pairing, even if it was really fresh this did not clashed with the tomatoe sauce acidity. The fresh and fruity flavours were really enjoyable and also its minerality. The PAI-lenght was also a perfect matching.

I hope you enjoyed the reading!


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