Martí Serdà Masia d’Or – Brut Nature

Last Friday night, Davide and I went to Tozino to have dinner and of course… we ordered as well a glass of wine!

We actually tried 2 different kind of wines to pair with our food.

We got different kind of tapas (tortilla, jamon, artichokes with cooked jamon…). As you should know, it is very difficult to pair jamon or artichokes with wine, for a series of reasons. Artichokes are very astringent, so a tannic wine cannot work with them and also jamon can get metallic taste with wine, but if the food is more complex and if you add some bread it can get better. Anyway, the pairing at the end wasn’t too bad (but not the best one) for the reasons above.


Martí Serdà Masia d’Or – Brut Nature

Grapes varieties: Xarello, Parellada and Macabeo

[I forgot to sign the price, sorry]





Clarity: Cristal clear

Color: Straw yellow

Effervescence: Moderately fine bubbles, numerous and moderately persistents


Intensity: Moderately intense

Complexity: Moderately complex

Quality: Good

Description: White pulp fruit, citrin flavours, white peach, pineapple and pears


Sugars: Dry

Polyalcohols: Moderately smooth

Alcohols: Moderately warm

Acids: Fresh

Minerality: Moderately mineral

Structure or body: Medium body 

Balance: Moderately balanced (more vs hardness)

Intensity: Moderately intense

PAI-Lenght: Long

Quality: Good

This wine was mature (I do not think it can get better) and also moderately harmonious, I would give it a 75 / 100 as score.

Quite pleasant at the nose but also quite simple, very recognisable pears scents.


I will write soon a second blog about the second wine we got.

I hope you enjoyed the reading (and Tozino is worth it)!



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