Marquis de Terme 2011 – Margaux

Before going on holidays, 3 weeks ago, Davide and I tried this wonderful French wine from Bordeaux region, in particular from Maugaux subregion. This wine actually is an excellent representative of the region, because of its quality and also grape varieties.

So, the story of this bottle? Davide bought it in Paris (he was during a project there) in January and I decided to open it with an excellent steak we bought from a butcher in Borough Market… Amazing choice!

So, below the description of the wine…

Marquis de Terme 2011 – Margaux – Appelation de Margaux controllee

Grape variety: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot

Price: 25 euro




Clarity: Limpid

Color: Ruby red

Consistence: Moderately consistent


Intensity: Intense

Complexity: Complex 

Quality: Very good

Description: Very fruity and floreal scents, such as really mature dark cherries, mature blueberries and jam, roses, black pepper, balsamic and also herbaceous scents, wet leaves, cinnamon


Sugars: Dry

Polyalcohols: Moderately smooth

Alcohols: Warm

Acids: Moderately fresh

Tannins: Moderately tannic vs tannic

Minerality: Mineral

Structure or body: Full body 

Balance: Moderately balanced

Intensity: Intense

PAI-Lenght: Long

Quality: Very good

I think this wine was ready to drink with possible improvement with more aging and also harmonious. I would give it a 88/100 as score.

I wish I had another bottle of this one, just to wait for one year or two and see how it would change… Even if a new tool is needed! A Wine fridge!

I hope you enjoyed the reading!



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