Choose right: the best year of the best Spanish wines

During my researches of wine datasets, it happened some months ago that I asked Andy Kriebel  (@VizWizBI) if he knew where I could find cool wine data. He came back to me saying that our colleague Robin had something… And he actually sent me this picture:


My first reaction was… “Oh my, is this a joke??”…

Then I started putting everything into an excel sheet. It was a boring task, I have to admit it and it took long time as well. But after I was done it was great!

So, what did I do with this dataset? Of course, I made a visualisation out of it! But before, since I wrote down the data as it is in the picture above, I did a really quick data preparation  with Alteryx in order to get the data in this shape:


Before I had the change of doing it, though, a friend of mine working at Google asked me to go there to do a Tableau demo to her and a bunch of colleagues. So, I went there and I did my demo in front of 15 Googlers and then, since they reserved the room for 1 hour, having 15 mins left, I asked them if they wanted to play with this dataset. And it was good fun! Here the link to tableau public and below a picture of the viz:


What it is showing are all the best Spanish wines and on color there is the best rank by year. So the darker it is the better… So, choose right!

If you like it more, you can also switch to circles the heatmap as below. But I would say go to the viz to give a better look!


I hope you enjoyed!



3 thoughts on “Choose right: the best year of the best Spanish wines

    1. Thank you, I will integrate it shortly with some more insights about some wines I had that are in the visualisation. I also think it is really interesting! Do you think it is easy to read the visualisation? Would you suggest any improvement?

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  1. Only comment I would make is that with the circles it’s a little hard to distinguish the lighter shades from each other. Perhaps using a wider range of shades would help, to make them more distinctive and clearer?

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