Dashboard design: where place what?

This post is a continuation of tips about dashboard design (see previous blog post).

When you are projecting a dashboard, remember that what’s relevant in your story should be placed in the top left area of your view, while what’s less relevant is placed in the top right area.

Easy, just keep in mind the matrix below:


What about filters or colour legends?

There are different options here and not a unique or right answer. Depending on how many filters/ legends I have, I usually change the position of filters in my dashboards.

Important rule is to place filters in a handy place, where the user can see them. Do not place filters in the bottom part of your dashboard, better to have them on the top or on a side (if you have several filters).

  • It could be you do not have filters in your view and maybe you are using maps (or other charts) as filters instead, such as in the view below:


  • When you have one or two filters you may want to place them just on the right of the Title as below:

Title filters.JPG

  • When you have more you could place them just below the title or on the right/left side as in the examples below:



Keep in mind this! If there is a filter only working on one specific chart, place it as close as possible to it (see example above).

So, basically you can place filters where they work better in your visualisation, just avoid to put them at the bottom of a chart.

If you are trying to create a standard template on where to place them, don’t! It really depends on the user case, as the examples above show.

I hope you found this useful!





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