Tableau, Google Sheets and… my wine fridge!

I started this project about visualising my wines a couple of weeks ago, when I got my (first) wine fridge!


I started to organise my bottles and cover the labels with kitchen/ food film and then I got the idea to catalogue them. A Google Sheet, that I can even share with boyfriend Davide, seemed perfect to me.

I decided to track year, wine type (red, white…), name of the wine and producer, nation of production, bottle size, number of bottles and alcohol.


After creating this catalogue, I had a second thought.

Tableau 10 connects to Google Sheets in a very handy way, so I decided to create a visualisation and publish it on my tableau public page.

The aim is to track what I got, also in order to make a decision on what to drink even if I am not home.

How to connect to Google Sheet?

  • First of all, make sure you have Tableau 10
  • Open Tableau and connect to a server > Google Sheets as below


  • Sign in to your google account (email and password)
  • Select “Allow” and then select the Google Sheet you want to use in Tableau and connect to it
  • Drag the sheet in the Tableau interface and start to visualise!

Below the latest version of my visualisation:


And later on, I also decided to add a mobile version so I could use my dashboard everywhere also without having my computer.


Next things I have in mind to do: I will find a way to visualise the wine I had and also to try to visualise the wine form in Tableau.

I hope you enjoyed the reading (and the viz)!


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