1 year of #MakeoverMonday

In this blog post, Andy Cotgreave asked: “What has MakeoverMonday meant for you?”

Actually, just last week I was thinking about it, because in the early January it will be 1 year I started this journey with the MakeoverMonday community. Crazy, already 1 year!

What’s MakeoverMonday for me?

It has become a kind of habit, but a very good one! For me it is a strong link with the community, something that to be honest, I never experienced before, also in terms of commitment (I am really committed to it, having done 100% makeovermondays). It is a part of my Monday, but sometimes of my Tuesday, because it does not make sense to be too strict. 🙂

It is an amazing way to explore new datasets, look at the way they have been represented and think about how you can improve it and what the message can be. Also, to find out about interesting facts and… to practice in Tableau!

Looking forward to the next MakeoverMonday I will do this evening 🙂

Enjoy your makeover and your week!


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