Langhe – October ’16

I want to write about my experience in Langhe, Piedmont, where I have been with Davide in October (I wrote this blog about the tasting of a Langhe Nebbiolo).

It was really one of the best experiences I ever had!

Why Langhe? Because it is one of the best wines production area in Italy and they produce there Barolo, my favourite red wine.

First stop was in Alba for the “White Truffle Festival” (click here for info). Alba is a very nice town to visit and we had such great food and bought some local products (Castelmagno cheese and mountain honey) to bring with us in the UK.


Then we moved to our bed&breakfast in La Morra, Red Wine Camere, where we stayed for 3 nights. When we arrived, we realised that nebbiolo grapes were still on the vines… I was so excited!

We enjoyed very much our stay in La Morra, also for the exclusive and lovely view on the vines.


Winery visits

I organised some winery visits and wine tastings.

It was quite simple to organise, I searched for places based on my knowledge, based on “I Vini d’Italia 2015”, L’Espresso guide, and also on Davide’s father suggestions and I ended up sending emails to a list of 7 or 8 wineries. Out of those, I was able to organise 5 actual visits in 3 days.

  1. Fontanafredda, Villa Contessa Rosa: Serralunga d’Alba (Cuneo)
  2. Marchesi di Barolo: Barolo (Cuneo)
  3. Michele Chiarlo: Calamandrana (Asti)
  4. Elio Grasso: Monforte d’Alba (Cuneo)
  5. Prunotto: Localita’ Bussia Soprana, Monforte d’Alba (Cuneo)

Yes, visiting 5 wineries in 3 days means a lot of wine to taste, and it was so much that we were not able to drink almost all the evenings when we were having dinner.

What I bought


Best experience? 

Elio Grasso winery has been the best for me, because it is a very small winery compared to Fontanafredda, Marchesi di Barolo and Michele Chiarlo. Unfortunately, they could not organise deliveries, so we only boughts 2 bottles (if you are curious, just check this visualisation and search for them). The best part of the visit was that the wife of Elio Grasso showed us everything, also the place where they store the barrels. They built a cellar inside the hill itself, I never saw something like that before.

I will visit Elio Grasso again for sure next time I will go to the Langhe.


I really suggest you to do a trip to Langhe, if you never did! Do not hesitate to write me for tips. 🙂



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