Connect2Help – Makeover

The first client project I worked on at the Data School last year – it was the 3rd week of work – was for a non-profit organization, Connect2Help, that facilitates connections between people who need human services and those who provide them.

My colleague Ravi helped them recently with a follow up project and then he involved us asking if we wanted to do a makeover of our old dashboards. I was really happy to be involved again in helping these guys, so I accepted immediately.

Last year I developed in Tableau a calls analysis dashboard, that was answering the following questions:

  • What’s the volume of calls and how they are distributed?
  • How are the trends?
  • Who is calling and for what?

Below the image of my old dashboard and here the link to my Tableau Public profile.

Old Dashboard C2H.png

What I don’t like and what I could improve

  • Dashboard Title: I did not put a “real” title, this dashboard is a calls analysis dashboard, so this is the first thing I want to change
  • Colours: I used a scale of colours for different years in the top left charts, but I feel that was not necessary at all, so I decide to colour them all green and put labels of years at the end of the lines
  • Section and Chart Titles: I don’t like they are so small and I also decide to change the section titles to say better what they are showing
  • Lollipop chart: I quite like it, but I decide to substitute with 2 gender icons with bigger numbers
  • General look & feel: I don’t like anymore my choice of a long dashboard, where basically the end-user needs to scroll down to see the other sections. So, I decide that a big improvement would be to fit all in one screen, avoiding this scrolling. I like the minimal use of colours (green, gold and grey) which are C2H brand colours and I also really like the section division, which I decide to keep but to reduce to 2 sections: one will be as the first section, the other one will put together in the same section the clients and top services.

I spent on playing with the old dashboards and improve it between 1 and 2 hours, and I am very happy with the latest result, which you can find below as an image and here on my Tableau Public.

New Dashboard C2H.png

I also improved some functionalities, adding and changing a some filtering actions.

I really think the dashboard is now much cleaner and easier to understand and also to use. I was impressed about how quickly I spotted the weaknesses of the old dashboard. I probably need to thank the #MakeOverMonday project for this! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the reading!


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