What wine do you have in your wine fridge?

During Easter I went back home and my dad asked me to create him an “app” similar to mine about my wine fridge.

I asked him to collect some relevant data for him and he wrote me on paper the following information:

  • wine
  • year
  • producer
  • country
  • region
  • number of bottles

I turned this into a google sheet as I did for mine on Tableau Public. You can read the process in a previous blog post I wrote here.

So, I actually built for him a similar view to mine, but instead of having the alcoholic % for each wine – my dad did not write that info down – I used the number of bottles. Note that his wine fridge is bigger than mine, with a capacity of about 60 bottles.

Here the dashboard.

During the data analysis I noticed that my dad loves red wines, as he only keeps in the fridge 3 bottles of white wine. So I created an “alert” for him in the bottom right side of the dashboard. I did not want to put too much attention on this, but still I thought it was worth to add a note. In case he wants to buy more wine, he should buy some more whites! 🙂


Moreover, these whites are from a single producer in Campania, Marisa Cuomo. Well, it is also one of my favourite white wine producer in Campania, maybe that’s why! 🙂

Marisa Cuomo

What about the composition in general?

So, red are the winners here. If we look at the country/ region composition of number of bottles, my father only has wines from Italy and some from France, Campania and Piemonte being the regions with highest number of bottles.

Wines composition

Filtering on Italia Campania as below, I realised that he has a lot of Taurasi and Aglianico bottles, which are made from aglianico grapes.

So, why is this dashboard useful? 


So, I think it is a quick way to see what the fridge contains and it makes easier to choose the wine for the lunch/ dinner as it is possible to see very quickly what’s in there.

I also will enable my father to access the google sheet, so when he will buy more wines he can just update the sheet and then the viz will automatically update on my Tableau Public profile the day after.

It was an interesting exploration for me, as I did not have a clue of what my dad keeps in his fridge, next time I will go back home I will for sure know in advance what I would like to drink! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the reading and let me know if you need assistance to set up your own wine fridge visualisation!


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