Rosso di Montalcino 2015 – Tenuta le Potazzine

I am back after a while… It has been quite a few busy months, I have to say.

But here I am, back to my blog! ūüôā

I really want to write about this wine, which I really enjoyed the first time as well as the second time and now the third time I have it. Yes, do you remember my visit in Tuscany last year?

Rosso di Montalcino is a red wine meant to be consumed quite young – I’d say not more than 5-8 years from vintage year.

What pair?

I had it with a Neapolitan dish called “Riso al forno”, rice cooked in the oven with scamorza sorrentina (a smoked cheese from Sorrento), parmigiano and ham. And I loved it! But you could pair with any food which is not too complex I’d say – not fish, please!!!!

Below a description of the wine:


Clarity: Limpid

Color: Ruby red (and transparent)

Consistence: Moderately consistent


Intensity: Mod. intense

Complexity: Mod. complex 

Quality: Very good

Description: Red cherries, plum, rose, black pepper, menthol and balsamic scents (at the palate)


Sugars: Dry

Alcohols: Moderately warm

Acids: Moderately fresh

Tannins: Medium tannins

Structure or body: Medium body 

PAI-Lenght: Moderately long

Overall: Very good

This is the perfect wine for a lunch or dinner at home. It is a wine quite simple to understand and to appreciate.

The quality is very good and Le Potazzine is an amazing wine producer that I discovered in my visit in colline Senesi last summer.

If you did not try it yet, you should!


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