#FastFriday – 6 Minute Vizzes – 2nd Episode

Welcome back to the second episode in the #FastFriday series.  If you never heard of it, give a look at the previous and first episode for context. So, basically Ben Moss, Ravi Mistry and I – the three musketeers – are participating to this weekly challenge and awesome experiment, which I feel it is becoming a… Continue reading #FastFriday – 6 Minute Vizzes – 2nd Episode

#FastFriday – 6 Minute Vizzes – 1st Episode

Welcome to the first in the #FastFriday series. For context, this is a weekly challenge that Ben Moss, Ravi Mistry and myself will be participating in. The concept is as follows – We have to design a visualisation created from a dataset which we see for the first time when we connect to Tableau. We’re starting… Continue reading #FastFriday – 6 Minute Vizzes – 1st Episode