A Rank Challenge in Tableau

This blog is about one of the challenges I faced at work when I was dealing with the calculation of a rank in Tableau. Basically I wanted to show on a map the ranking of country regions both within a country and across all countries and keep to show these values even when filtering on a… Continue reading A Rank Challenge in Tableau

Choose right: the best year of the best Spanish wines

During my researches of wine datasets, it happened some months ago that I asked Andy Kriebel  (@VizWizBI) if he knew where I could find cool wine data. He came back to me saying that our colleague Robin had something… And he actually sent me this picture: My first reaction was… “Oh my, is this a joke??”…… Continue reading Choose right: the best year of the best Spanish wines

The King of New Zealand: the Sauvignon Blanc

1st June, Wednesday, 2016 This is the date I took the written examination for the Sommelier Certification. The exam was tough, more than I expected. But I passed it! Next round, next week, with the oral and practical examination. 🙂 Why do I feel I need to talk about New Zealand? So, actually the first of… Continue reading The King of New Zealand: the Sauvignon Blanc

California: the vineyard of the US

I am studying for my Sommelier exam that it happens to be next Wednesday. The exam is quite hard, it consists of 2 parts, a written examination (20 True/ False, 20 Multiple answer, 12 open questions and 2 wine tastings – one analytical descriptive and one pairing) – all in 2 hours – and then,… Continue reading California: the vineyard of the US

Decrypting ABV and IBU for Beers

In my previous blog post I wrote a short introduction to the world of beers and, as promised, I am back as well to show my visualisation about beers… … But first, I will give you some context. When I choose a beer, I usually search for something with more structure and character when I am in the mood to try… Continue reading Decrypting ABV and IBU for Beers

Why this blog?

I have been thinking about having a blog from more than one month, but I couldn’t decide to start it yet, probably because I was writing on the Data School Blog as well… But let’s start with order! I am Simona and I am Italian, I moved to London on the 3rd of November ’15 with Davide, my boyfriend, to… Continue reading Why this blog?