Power to the user – Parameters part 5 – Swap views

Welcome to “Power to the user” blog post serie about parameters. This blog post is about using parameters to swap sheets in the view. The previous blog post was about Top N and sorting with parameters, click here to go and read it if interested. Why would you do that? For multiple reasons, actually. For… Continue reading Power to the user – Parameters part 5 – Swap views

Connect2Help – Makeover

The first client project I worked on at the Data School last year – it was the 3rd week of work – was for a non-profit organization, Connect2Help, that facilitates connections between people who need human services and those who provide them. My colleague Ravi helped them recently with a follow up project and then he involved us asking… Continue reading Connect2Help – Makeover

Power to the user – Parameters part 1

Parameters are a very powerful instrument to use in Tableau because they enable the user to set the view the way he or she actually prefers. I think parameters are a natural continuation for the series of blog posts about dashboard design: Some tips about Dashboard design Dashboard design: where place what? The importance of formatting and cleaning a dashboard… Continue reading Power to the user – Parameters part 1

Dashboard design: where place what?

This post is a continuation of tips about dashboard design (see previous blog post). When you are projecting a dashboard, remember that what’s relevant in your story should be placed in the top left area of your view, while what’s less relevant is placed in the top right area. Easy, just keep in mind the matrix below:… Continue reading Dashboard design: where place what?