What wine do you have in your wine fridge?

During Easter I went back home and my dad asked me to create him an “app” similar to mine about my wine fridge. I asked him to collect some relevant data for him and he wrote me on paper the following information: wine year producer country region number of bottles I turned this into a… Continue reading What wine do you have in your wine fridge?

Connect2Help – Makeover

The first client project I worked on at the Data School last year – it was the 3rd week of work – was for a non-profit organization, Connect2Help, that facilitates connections between people who need human services and those who provide them. My colleague Ravi helped them recently with a follow up project and then he involved us asking… Continue reading Connect2Help – Makeover

Power to the user – Parameters part 4 – Top N and Sorting by

Welcome back to the “Power to the user” series of posts about parameters in Tableau. In this blog post I will write about dynamic “top n” and dynamic sorting with parameters. [If you missed the previous blog posts, click here for the first one of the serie, here to read about what if analysis and here to… Continue reading Power to the user – Parameters part 4 – Top N and Sorting by

A Rank Challenge in Tableau

This blog is about one of the challenges I faced at work when I was dealing with the calculation of a rank in Tableau. Basically I wanted to show on a map the ranking of country regions both within a country and across all countries and keep to show these values even when filtering on a… Continue reading A Rank Challenge in Tableau

Power to the user – Parameters part 1

Parameters are a very powerful instrument to use in Tableau because they enable the user to set the view the way he or she actually prefers. I think parameters are a natural continuation for the series of blog posts about dashboard design: Some tips about Dashboard design Dashboard design: where place what? The importance of formatting and cleaning a dashboard… Continue reading Power to the user – Parameters part 1

Tableau, Google Sheets and… my wine fridge!

I started this project about visualising my wines a couple of weeks ago, when I got my (first) wine fridge! I started to organise my bottles and cover the labels with kitchen/ food film and then I got the idea to catalogue them. A Google Sheet, that I can even share with boyfriend Davide, seemed perfect to me. I… Continue reading Tableau, Google Sheets and… my wine fridge!

Dashboard design: where place what?

This post is a continuation of tips about dashboard design (see previous blog post). When you are projecting a dashboard, remember that what’s relevant in your story should be placed in the top left area of your view, while what’s less relevant is placed in the top right area. Easy, just keep in mind the matrix below:… Continue reading Dashboard design: where place what?