Nemea Wine Region: Greek Wine

During the past Christmas holidays me and my husband, Davide, spent 4 days in Greece flying from Naples to Athens. The plan at the beginning was to spend those days in the capital – for me it was the first time there and I was so very excited to explore the city and all the… Continue reading Nemea Wine Region: Greek Wine

Data Plus Women Go to the Vineyards!

Finally I got some time to write a blog post I should have had written probably 1 month ago… Anyway, better late than never, right? On the 16th of August I was a speaker at the Data+Women meetup in London. I helped Emily Chen in the organisation of a Data+Women event turning it into (let’s say) Data+Women+Wine!… Continue reading Data Plus Women Go to the Vineyards!

Colline Senesi, Tuscany – August ’17

After being in Langhe (Piedmont) last October (click here to read about my experience there), I could not miss the opportunity to visit Tuscany, another place to go to try some of the best Italian wines… Indeed, quite a different experience, first of all because it was very very warm (38-40 degrees). And I did… Continue reading Colline Senesi, Tuscany – August ’17

What wine do you have in your wine fridge?

During Easter I went back home and my dad asked me to create him an “app” similar to mine about my wine fridge. I asked him to collect some relevant data for him and he wrote me on paper the following information: wine year producer country region number of bottles I turned this into a… Continue reading What wine do you have in your wine fridge?

Langhe – October ’16

I want to write about my experience in Langhe, Piedmont, where I have been with Davide in October (I wrote this blog about the tasting of a Langhe Nebbiolo). It was really one of the best experiences I ever had! Why Langhe? Because it is one of the best wines production area in Italy and… Continue reading Langhe – October ’16

Tableau, Google Sheets and… my wine fridge!

I started this project about visualising my wines a couple of weeks ago, when I got my (first) wine fridge! I started to organise my bottles and cover the labels with kitchen/ food film and then I got the idea to catalogue them. A Google Sheet, that I can even share with boyfriend Davide, seemed perfect to me. I… Continue reading Tableau, Google Sheets and… my wine fridge!